FORMULA RACE CAR                                        since 1980

CLUB OF AMERICA                                             38 years

                                                                                      of Racing


All Formula Cars and Clubs welcome  


For the standard racing classes;

F/V -

F/FST - SCCA C/F - C/F1600 - F/F - all Winged classes.

One bonus point for winning the Pole Sprint; when no Pole Sprint then the bonus point will go to the fastest Qaulifier.

One bonus point for the "Most lap leader".

Competition Points Races (CPR) also called Main event, Trophy race  or Feature race;

1=12 Pts  - 2 =10  - 3 =8  - 4 = 7  - 5 = 6  - 6 = 5  - 7 = 4  - 8 = 3  - 9 = 2 & 10 = 1

BEST RESULTS would be 14 points.

This point system was designed to be fair to the leader as many times it is best to be in second place until the final lap, but with this system both the "Drafter" and the lap leader would both receive 12 points!

The "Drafter" would get the first place trophy but no advantage in the points battle.

     In all divisions a driver must complete 80% of the race to score points while they must enter 50% of the events to be eligable for a Championship along with a requirement of 4 entree to make the class legal for a Championship, not per race - per season.

There is a different scoring system for the Formula Pro-Avanti (FP/A) BUT only in the bonus point section; the points for the CPR results are the same.

Four Bonus points are awarded to fastest qualifier

two bonus points for the second fastest qualifier

one bonus point for the third fastest qualifier

One bonus point for the fastest lap during the CPR.

BEST RESULT would be 17 points.






                FORMULA RACE CAR CLUB OF AMERICA                      

                            2017 POINTS STANDINGS                                  

RACE  #1     #2    #3    #4     #5    #6     # 7    #8    #9   #10   #11   TOTAL







Team Becker      11

A. Caracappa      7

N. Clemo            8

R. Hertel            0      

J. Luzi 

M. Madigan       13

P. Redstone        0

R. Schwegler  jr  0

J. Zeller             0




R.Beard         0

Team CT       0

K. Davis        0

J.Giordano    0

A.Graham     17

S. Lang         0

O. Pacheco    12

A. Stoeckert  0           

D. Vitale        7

K. Vitale.       9                        


SCCA C/f    

brian bjeck                                                                                                                                 

dexter czuba                                                                                                                                

ray boyer                                                                                                                                                         

doug fisher                                                                                                                                    

V. Wrynn            


J. Marchinski

B. Westervelt



J. Adelberg

D. Better 

J. Cerciello

J. Danko

S. Dweck 

S  Garrito        14                                14   14                                      42

J. Granitzki           

S. Garito                     

S. Lang                    

I. McKec.                                                                            

C. Pedersen

W. Usloski