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If you are planning to start your race engine soon; be sure to remember that the pump gas has/had about 10% ethinol. You may have read about how quickly it evaporates and loses the power to light the combustion. As it evaporate it also leaves debris in the carburator and the fuel cell. The fuel cell is not happy with the ethinol; as it eats the foam. The spark plugs foul with the deluted fuel and the carb. may be plugged with the debris of the bad gasoline. To be safe and not cause additional problems; drain the fuel cell, then take the top off the carb, clean the fuel bowl and blow out all the jets (6). If you do this first you will save the spark plugs, if not the plugs will foul and you will need to replace them. You remember "Pay me now or pay me later". Pay the time now or else it will cost you mony and frustration later.

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  Thanks for posting this info AJ,  I just drained my fuel cell so will clean out the carb next.


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