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Your street car and your previous racecar as well as this one you now own, does not have an oil temp gauge, so why should I bother to spend all that money and do all the work to mount it now? Here is why - each time you run the engine and get it up in temp then let it cool off you create condension (Water) after a short period of time that water delutes the oil enough to cause the oil to not do its job. Even though water and oil do not mix, in an engine with all the high RPM the water DOES mix and the oil gets a Milky appearance.  This "Milky" mixture shortens the life of your bearings and pistons. The Oil companies want the oil temp to be above 212 degrees F or 100 degrees C these temp are where the water starts to boil out of the oil. Some Oil companies have an engineering rep that can tell you the best temp for their oil, each oil has a "Best" temp. It is somewhere between 225 to 240 tegrees F. Buy your Oil temp gauge first after you install it and deterime what temp you are running at, you will know if you need a cooler or not. If the oil is below 212F you must figure a way to get more temp to get rid of the water. If the temp is above 275F you need a cooler to bring the oil back it a better range to properly lube your engine. 

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