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The factory tried to make the racecar you now own, comfortable to the masses. But since you have raced it, you have noticed items that do not seem easy for you. Unless you plan on selling it, you should make it easier for you to race it. "It" being your racecar. Make those adjustments that will make you more comfortable. You know what needs adjusting, pedals too close/far away, move them to where you think them would be better. The steering wheel has four different ways it can go, up/down or left/right. How about the shifter? should it go closer/further away? How about that support tubing, does it get in the way causing you to have an uncomfortable hold on it to shift? Cut it! Move it and re-weld the support in a different place. When it comes to steering try to remember if you need to change the Castor to make the steering input lighter/heavier. Then there are other items that you may want to change that have nothing to do with where you sit in the racecar. Things like color or type of rims or the racecar number, basicly anything that will make it your personel style, it is your racecar for YOU to enjoy. Remember anything you changed can be changed again. Take yor time and fix those quick repairs done to get you to the grid, now is the time to make it set for the upcoming season. Enjoy your racing with the club that is best for the safety and friendship as well as the club that offers a Championship to those the enjoy racing agains other fast drivers.

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