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The last thing you need after getting ready for your first race is to have a minior problem and not finding the part until after your race has started. If you think you can think and remember where all your stuff is when you have the pressure of trying to make it to pit out on time   - think again - let's face it this is pressure and stress you do not need and it can all be fixed with a "Magic Marker". Take the time away from the pressure of raceday with getting storage boxes, it does not matter what type of box you get (Plastic, cardboard) just so long as you label the outside with what is on the inside. I have found if you are in a hurry you may not put the box back with the label facing outward so label all sides, I have seen people look and find the proper box and put that box back with the label facing the wrong way, I stopped hurting their feelings and just took the time to label all sides. The same goes for your tool box and for the driver to know where all the uniform items are and not to need to get in and out of the drivers seat to get the belts, helmet or gloves. Train yourself to put everything in its place. Do whatever you need to make raceday fun and without unnessasary stress. There are only seven weekends to race with the FRCCA, make them memorable - in a good way!

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