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Only a few days left to register for the final race of the season

Go to or call Mary cox at EMRA

Registration is open for The final fling for the 2013 season with

championships still to be settled and fun still to be had!

November 9th & 10th is the date,

Summit point main track is the place.

It would be great to see a full contingency of FRCCA drivers

At the final event, so do your best to make the season finale.

It's going to be a long winter, so don't miss out.

Of course all other formula cars from any other organization are alway

Welcome at all FRCCA events! No changes to your car needed to compete.

Registration is now open on

Cost is $300 for a single day $500 for the weekend

Transponders if you need are $45.00


WebSite states REGISTRATION 


Points battle story listed under

Members Only Info Heading.


races 9 & 10 are posted under the "More" heading.

points chart is current.

 If you are new to Formula car racing and are looking to buy a Formula car please read "BUYER BEWARE" in the NEWBIE section under the "More" heading. 

What is the Formula Race Car Club of America?

The Formula Race Car Club of America has been around for over 34 years and is one of if not the largest Formula Car Oriented ONLY clubs in the US. The club is based on Sportsmanship and competitive driving.

The FRCCA for most of its' 30 years has been mainly based out of the NE. It has recently expanded successfully into the Mid-Atlantic regions.

We invite you to look over our site and call or write and ask questions. We have classes for everyone. ALL SCCA legal classes are welcome and we have 3 signature classes all based on older cars with the Formula designed for the cost conscious racing hobbiest.

We enjoy high competivness at low prices and give you the track time YOU DESERVE as a competitor.

What is "Cost Conscious Racing"

We use cost conscious to describe our 3 signature classes.

Well - Cost conscious is when you can get more than 2 full seasons out of a complete engine rebuild.

Cost Conscious is using 1 set of tires for an entire season at a cost lower than some classes pay for a weekend.

Cost Conscious is generally giving you more track time in a single day than other organizations give you in an entire weekend.

Cost Conscious is not having to have the widget or gizmo to be competitive.

Of course we still offer all the recognized classes from other organizations, but we certainly can't make all the claims above for them because we don't control those rules, we use nationally recognized rules for ALL classes except the 3 signature classes. SO ALL TYPES OF FORMULA CARS ARE WELCOME - We recognize most major sanctioning bodies race licensing. We also offer our own competition licensing schools.

Our Signature classes offer a class just for rookies, then a class for rookie graduates and finally a class for the most experienced drivers - and the really cool part of this is that you can use EXACTLY THE SAME EQUIPMENT in all 3 classes!

Lightning video


Site Map

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Formula Haus has three racecars for sale; two Lola 342 and one Banshee. Call AJ for details and cost. The racecars are stored inside and each runs well.304-725-4644

2013 Schedule

January 26th - Awards Banquet Ramsey, NJ 1:00 - 5:00 PM

APRIL 13 & 14 - Shenandoah, WV School

MAY 4 & 5 - Pocono south-east course

JUNE 22 & 23 - NYSafety Track

JULY 27 & 28 - NJMP, Lightning course

AUGUST - Mid-season break

SEPT 7 & 8 - Pocono South-East course

OCTOBER - To Be Announced

Nov. 9 & 10 Summit Point Raceway 



EMRA Sanctions competition racing, time trials and HPDE for sedan, GT and formula cars in the northeast region.

we sanction events at all major tracks in the area, including Pocono Lime Rock NJMP, Summit Point

we also founded the historic 4 hour night enduro at Summit Point Motorsports which we still run today.

visit our website @

Independent Motorsports Group

The Independent Motorsports Group is dedicated to providing an inclusive, friendly, and safe place to enjoy high speed competitive driving in a helpful community atmosphere.

Our schedule include Driver's Education events, Time Trials, Competition Schools, and Wheel to Wheel Race events in the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic regions of the US.

Entropy Racing

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