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These are pictures of a racecar that was brought into my shop. If you look at the space beteewn the steering arm and the tire you will see that the steering arms have different spaces. One arm is bent!

But that is not the only problem this racecar has. The buyer thought that the engine only needed to be freshened-up; what was wrong with the engine is as follows; Badly damaged oil pan, undersized con-rod, valves in cylinder head shot (ALL 8), Water in number two cylinder requiring a re-sleeving of the block, Oil pump seized, water pump with wrong pulley ratio, broken camshaft, but the pistons are good. If you do not hear the engine run before you buy the racecar,you will be taking a big risk. Also, ask if the owner has a log book of the racecar, that should tell about accidents BUT a racecar usually gets into accidents, it is how the racecar performs after the repairs that is what counts. The best buy is from a driver that presently is racing. I have seen this before, when buyers spend plenty of money after buying a racecar for a low price that was sitting and not raced in some time. Many parts of a racecar do not like sitting around and drying out; fuel cells and brake parts need to stay in use to stay good. If you can ask an exsisting club member to go with you when you go to see a racecar you are thinking about buying. I know most FRCCA members want to help.

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